Power of Learning


The power of learning

When you’re in business, you never stop learning. Learning how to grow your business is usually a high priority, but understanding the steps to get there is not always as easy as initially thought.

Firstly a business either starts with an idea, or a qualification.

Both of these require study, research, determination and structure. But not all these attributes are required to get started.

The more you learn when in the beginning stages the better decisions you will make, and the stronger foundations you will build.

  1. Researching your product or service, and your competition,  is vital to the formation of a strong business foundation.
  2. Decisions need to be made along the way, such as, how to market your product or service, how to brand your product, who to use for advice in areas which you may lack knowledge or require a specialist.
  3. Don’t rush ideas, take the time to research what’s out there. If you need someone to assist in the development phase, by all means go for referrals, but don’t discount the power of researching the services you decide to take on. Cheaper is not always better.
  4. Take your time, learn as much as you can along the way. But don’t be afraid to change direction, many times the original idea becomes not so great once more background research has been done. So change it, tweak it, and restructure it, to help make the foundations stronger, the idea greater and the competition smaller.

As a visual example

Let’s use the three little pigs story.

The first pig made his house out of straw, it fell down. The second pig made his house out of sticks, it too fell down. The third pig built his house with bricks, his house stayed up and the third little pig lived happily ever after. Why? Because he learned from the previous two pigs. That the straw and the sticks were not strong enough foundations and therefore he needed to find something better, that would sustain the strength of the wolf from blowing it down.

The foundation was strong so it lasted.

The best way to build a strong foundation is through understanding and learning. It’s never too late to start learning, and you’re never to old too learn new tricks.

Find your idea. Nurture it, develop it, research it and pivot if needed.

Build your foundation strong and your structure will hold well into the future. 

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