Management Accounting: What You Need To Know As A Business Owner.

what is management accounting

Management accounting is the process of providing strong financial information to business owners and directors that guides them on making vital business decisions. 

This process includes practices like identifying, measuring, examining, interpreting, and passing on the information to managers to help the business meet its objective.

Functions of Management Accounting 

In Australia, Business owners of small and medium businesses (SMEs) practice Management Accounting to ensure they are making the right decisions to drive results. Let’s take a look at some of the key functions of this practice.

The key functions of Management Accounting include;

1. Forecasting Outcomes

Management Accounting can help to forecast future business trends. This function helps the owners/directors find crucial answers such as what investments are profitable for the company. Should the company diversify in other fields or invest in other companies?

2. Valuation and Costing of products

Data on Cost and product availability are the factors that help to decide purchasing choices. Information from Managerial accounting helps the management to make precise operational and strategic decisions.

3. Cash Flow forecasting

It is important to chart out the possible expenditure the company will sustain and from where the company will earn revenue. The functions of Management Accounting includes creating budgets & trends, which helps managers decide how, when & where to invest money & resources to generate the desired revenue.

4. Inventory Turnover Analysis

The objective is to calculate the number of times a business has sold or replaced inventory in a given time span. This helps the business to make better administrative decisions such as pricing, manufacturing, purchasing new inventory, and marketing.

5. ROR Analysis

It is essential to analyse the Rate of Return before investing in a project. The business can get a better aspect regarding the profitability of a project, the break-even period of a project, and the estimated cash flow.

6. Understanding Performance Variances

Detailed reports on the difference between predicted and achieved results can give the business a better understanding of its stature. Creating a budget, forecasting, and analyzing trends empower the operational plan of a company. 

Any deviation from the plan is analyzed thoroughly, and essential changes are made accordingly. The report contains data on any constraints in the production or sale process and how it impacts revenue and cash flow.

7. Financial Leverage Metrics

Small and Medium Australian companies often borrow capital to acquire assets and increase ROI. This is called Financial Leverage. Managerial Accountants analyse the balance sheet and provide the management with essential tools to use the leverage efficiently.

Financial Accounting Vs. Management Accounting

Management Accounting is different from Financial Accounting in several ways. The key differences are important to know and are as follows.

  • Management Accounting is only used for making internal decisions of a firm, whereas financial accounting involves external reporting to stakeholders and is mandatory by law.
  • Management accounting is not under any regulations whereas, Rules and regulations under law control financial Accounting.
  • Managerial accounting helps only in internal decision making, but financial accounting helps investors to make investment decisions.
  • Managerial Accounting takes both financial and non-financial information into account, whereas financial accounting is concerned with financial information.
  • Financial records get audited as per regulations, but management accounting is not subjected to any audit or investigation.

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