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Have you ever had the feeling that making a decision was just too hard?

What should we have for dinner? Should you start your own business? Where is the best place to buy a house? Is it a good time to hire an employee?

For each decision, you try to weigh up the pro’s and con’s, consider the consequences or costs.

Sometimes it's just too much to think about

Your brain is numb from being on all the time. Sometimes it’s enough to get through each day and not forget anything.

So instead of making a decision you go with plans that we’re already made. Just keep plodding along and stepping one foot in front of the other. Still unsure that what you are doing is the best option.

Why don’t we have more time in the day/week? Time to get the things done that we need to get done? To please all the people who want to be pleased yesterday?

Sometimes in life this is the point where we need to make the decision to ask for help

Help can come from anyone, be it your partner or children.

In business this help could mean bringing someone else on who can assist with making decisions and getting the extra work done. 

This then frees up your time and your mind to make clearer decisions about each days events, actions, movements and motions. This might also lead to decisions that are better thought through, planned and with less doubt.

Sometimes the hardest things in life are as easy as asking for help, or accepting it when it is offered

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