Building habits


We all have habits

Be them good or bad! 

I’m in a habit of brushing my teeth in the shower in the morning. I’m in the habit of getting dressed before I have breakfast. I am also in the habit of needing a coffee every morning – anyone else!? But this hasn’t always been the case, I wasn’t always a coffee fan! So how did I form these habits?

I have recently listened to an audio series called “In the habit” by Ash Ranpura. Ih this series, Ash discusses how we can train our brain to form new habits over time, and utilise different tactics to achieve our goals.

For example, it makes it much easier to form a habit by making small changes at a time and sticking to them. It helps to form habits around regular things we do each day, such as waking up in the morning, eating a meal or going to bed. Introducing habits at these key times of day makes it easier to remember and helps to cement the routine.

Do you have a bad habit you want to kick? Or do you want to be more consistent at doing something you never remember to do?

It’s much easier to form a habit if you enjoy it.

For example reading an inspirational book or a book on a topic of interest to you. Setting the time aside to do this is the hard part. But what if you built it into your sleep routine? Going to bed half hour earlier, will help you build in the time to enjoy a good book.

These tiny tactics can also be used to form good habits for growing your business.

Set some goals for your business and work out the stages and habits that will get you there. Implement one small routine into your day which will help you to achieve your goals.

The author spoke about giving yourself rewards or encouragements to get through the tough parts. So for instance deciding you want to go for a run every morning, but when that alarm goes off there are so many reasons you can think of not to get out the door! What if you make treating yourself to a coffee part of your plan for achieving your goal? What about treating yourself, guilt free pedicures. Set yourself a goal to have contacted 5 clients a week for 3 weeks then spoil yourself with a pedicure. Or consider setting a monthly target for your team to reach in sales. Once the goal is achieved you all go out for a special dinner together. 

Goals and habits should be achievable, while challenging you.

What are some habits you would like to change, or bring into your life? Would it help you build your business by spending 30min a day calling clients? Or setting one specific day a week aside to work on your business not in it?

Setting a regular time or day makes it easier to build a habit. Setting a deadline and a reward will make you more accountable to achieving your goals.

Setting goals and tasks is key to helping businesses thrive and grow. It’s important to always be open to new ideas of good habits to form or even sometimes breaking those that no longer serve you.

Self awareness is the first step to any physical or mental change you wish to make and achieve.

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