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There can be a perception that business owners have all the freedom in the world.…

But with all the client meetings, all the hats, making sure everything gets done right, it doesn’t always feel that way.

But that’s the real price of being your own boss (and actually wanting to be good at your job) — the buck stops with you.

There’s nobody else to deal with the client issues. You get to tackle ALL the problems head on.

Before you know it, it’s 8pm and you’re still on the computer handling emails and putting out fires that you didn’t get to during business hours.

I know what that feels like.

I’ve built my business while being a mum of three, stressed to the max and working a ton of hours. Trying to get through all the work yourself.… and the admin… and the bookkeeping… all while trying to juggle actually growing the business.

In the back of your mind, you’re still thinking about how long it’s been since you cleaned the kitchen or how many loads of washing you have to do when you get home.

Being able to take a “day off” without the business collapsing around you seems like a fantasy that you barely have time to indulge in — let alone being able to routinely take a day off to go do kids sports days or other excursions.

And that’s the most frustrating thing. You got into business for the flexibility.

To be able to be available and present with your family at the drop of a hat.… but lately, that hasn’t been happening.

Deep down you know you should be creating more valuable offers and focusing on the work that you find inspiring.

Intuitively you know you’ve got more to give to the world, but you keep getting pulled back into the daily grind.

So how do you make it all work? Because, reality check, if you were to just do less hours, you know that your business would take a big hit.… Not to mention the stress that would put on your family financially.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, with a few small tweaks, you can transform your business to require far less of your time while delivering MORE value to your clients — utilising the exact same skills and experience you’re using in your business already.

It’s the very definition of working smarter, not harder. 

One of the ways you can make this happen is by outsourcing the tasks that take up a large portion of your time, but are not what you’re passionate about. One of these areas is bookkeeping, accounting and tax!

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