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Small Business Accountant in Tuggerah

Accounting solutions that help your business grow

You can relax knowing that you have a small business accountant you can trust.

Your accounting and taxation doesn’t have to be complicated with the right accountant by your side. Ainsworth Accounting Solutions will help you take care of the financial needs of your business from start to finish.

— GST management

— ATO payment arrangements

— Bookkeeping

— Bookkeeping training

— Tax returns and planning

— Annual ASIC lodgements

— Payroll support

— Asset protection advice

— Business startup

— Business structure reviews

— Annual financial reports

— Business advice

— Business activity statements

— Superannuation lodgement


— Tax minimisation strategies

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Nathalie Ainsworth Central Coast Chartered Accountant and Bookkeeper

about me

Hi, I'm Nat

I am the owner of Ainsworth Accounting Solutions. I am here to help your small business make numbers easy. Accounting can be a confusing topic for many people and so it is important that you work with someone you can trust to take your business to the next level and to keep your accounting simple.

I have had a passion for numbers since I was young, and now I work with some of the best businesses in Australia as their trusted accountant.

I love nothing more than supporting small family-run businesses where I have a direct impact on helping them to grow. I have a young family myself, trying to get that balance between juggling a family and being a Mum. This is why I am so passionate about helping my clients remove the complexity and anxiety around their accounts, bookkeeping and tax so that you can focus on the most important things in life.

In August 2010 I was awarded my Chartered Accounting Certificate of membership. I also hold a current tax agent licence to support my clients from start to finish.

I’m so incredibly pleased that I found Nathalie

Being a new business owner, I found the thought of doing my BAS, tax etc, very overwhelming.

Nathalie has made everything so easy and has things done quickly, efficiently and with no fuss. She goes above and beyond to help me with any issues that I need help with. I would recommend Nathalie’s services 100%. Thank you Nat, for making my transition into running my business so pain free.

- Louise Brady Cookson

Brady Dental Laboratory

Keeps me on track

Nathalie has been great to work with, she always finds time to jump on a call and run through things with me and she keeps on top of all my financial obligations which lets me focus on running my business.

- James Bleakman

James Bleakman Client of Ainsworth Accounting

An affiliate of MCS partners

MCS Partners Accounting Tuggerah

What does this mean?

As an MCS partner, I am an independent accountant who works in affiliation with a group of other independent accountants.

Access to a network of knowledge

As with any good professional, it’s important to recognise your areas of strengths, and limitations. We don’t pretend to know everything, no one can know everything! But working as an MCS partner allows us to work together to share our skills and offer a better service to our clients. This helps us to offer a broad spectrum of accounting proficiencies.

Areas of expertise

We all have our specific areas which we like to focus on. Mine is families in business & start-up’s. However if I feel a client is better suited to another expert in my network, I am happy to provide referrals to ensure that needs can be better met. 


We believe working together in independence makes us more accountable to our clients. It gives us a broader scope of knowledge to share and still gives us the freedom to provide specialised services and offers.

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